Name Changes in D2L

When I started teaching at the high school level, I was directed to take attendance and add anyone to the bottom of the list who wasn’t already on the pre-printed list.  You see, I was teaching math in a school district growing by the day.  However, as the first week ended and other lists stabilized, I had two names that weren’t getting resolved, Chelsey was always absent and Alan wasn’t getting added to the printed list. A quick trip to the attendance secretary told me everything I needed to know.  She said, “Oh Chelsey. He’s trying to get teachers to try to call him Alan again.” Wait, they are the same kid and he just wants to be called Alan?  Why is this so hard? So, I went to the kid and told him I’d call him Alan if he promised to quietly tell all substitute teachers his real name so he didn’t get in trouble for absences.  All worked fine from there and not another student in the class ever gave a hint there was an issue.

So, why do I tell you this story? In my time as the LMS Administrator, I’m constantly hit by students and instructors wanting their name changed in D2L.  Some are women who are recently married or separated and want to change their last name.  Some are in our transgender community.  Some just go by a middle name instead of their legal name. If William wants to go by Bill, Steve or Mary, I wonder still what the big deal is.  D2L isn’t official like Banner or payroll. It’s the classroom and we want to remove as many barriers to learning as possible.  So, I change the names upon request.  Email with the S# and the preferred name and I’ll make the change.  (I do reserve the right to confer with ITSS, the Dean of Students and/or HR if any names could be perceived as vulgar or offensive, but that hasn’t been the case to date.)

Finally, I need to mention a couple of technical notes.  This will change the name of the user in the Classlist.  It will not change the name of the email address or the course titles imported from Banner.  To change these, please work through HR and/or CCCS-IT.  Their rules may differ depending on their requirements.


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