Why Can’t Students Edit Discussion Posts?

A question that came across my desk today was how students might be able to edit their posts in Discussions.  The simple answer is, they can’t edit, but they can add new information via a reply.  The reason is, we need to be able to have a record of what the student posted.  It’s the same reason we don’t allow students to change the Assignment or Quiz submission.  This allows us to see the original post the student put up if there’s ever any question whether it violates school policy.

From a growth mindset, this helps instructors and students as well.  Discussions are not really a place where we expect the student to be perfect the first time. We ask them to explore and try. This means there will be mistakes.  The student can then reply with corrections or additional information.  When viewed at the end, we can see the student growing from the first post to last.


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