eLearning Newsletter

The eLearning Department provides instructional resources and support services that enhance teaching and learning strategies.

Personnel Changes

  • Patrice Whitley, Dean of Academic Resources, now supervises eLearning
  • Jacqueline Tomrdle is the eLearning Coordinator
  • Nate Wadman is available for D2L support at Rampart Range Campus on Wednesdays & Thursdays; 8:00am-5:000pm. 719-502-3281


  • Sign up for Self-Paced training on accessibility to make sure your curriculum is accessible for all your students.
  • It is textbook adoption time!
    • Make sure you contact the Bookstore or Marc Nash as soon as possible, to ensure your textbook/platform adoptions are approved for student use.

Having trouble making your curriculum accessible?

Contact Marc Nash (719-502-3073) and set-up a one-on-one consultation.


  • PPCC Student Orienteering is an available resource for students to learn about D2L. Just click on the ā€œEnroll in PPCC Student Orienteeringā€ link on the homepage for PPCC Online (D2L).

Open Educational Resources (OER)

  • Marc is working with faculty to implement open, accessible, and free textbooks for fall courses. Students could save up to $100,000 in textbook costs this fall alone! Contact Marc (719-502-3073) if you are interested in exploring the OER revolution!


eLearning FAQs

  • Students call our office asking how to register for an online class
    • Registering for an online class is the same as registering for any other class.

For more information contact: ppcc.elearning@ppcc.edu

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