WebEx Removing Toll-Free Call-In Feature

WebEx is the meeting software many instructors use for not only meetings, but class office hours.  One feature that WebEx has, is the ability to use not only computer based audio through headphones, but a traditional telephone service to call in.  However, on this Wednesday, WebEx will be removing the toll-free call in option.  You will still have the following options:

  • Computer Audio– use your headset with the computer handling the audio
  • Call Me– Have WebEx call your phone.
  • I Will Call In (Toll) – Instead of the toll-free number, 1-415-655-0001 will be the call in number, but will charge long distance fees.

I would strongly encourage you to use one of the first two options to avoid long distance charges.

Please contact eLearning or ITSS if you have any questions or concerns.

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