A Student Email Story

This morning, I was sitting in the office clearing some email when a frustrated student (let’s call her Amelia) comes to the front desk.  I overhear Amelia frustratingly say her email isn’t working and ITSS had sent her to eLearning.

After stepping in, I asked Amelia if it was her student email.  She replied yes, so I elected to walk her to ITSS and see if we couldn’t solve her problem.  On the walk over, she explained to me she had been to the Library and Computer Lab as well this morning before being sent to eLearning.  She had been to ITSS last week and no one seemed to be able to solve her email problem.

The more I spoke with Amelia I began to think there was more to this than a simple email bug.  Amelia spoke as if English wasn’t her first language and she was taking only two developmental courses. Amelia also seemed, for lack of a better word, scared by the experience.  So, I dropped the troubleshooting for a few minutes and just talked with Amelia, assuring her we would get this solved.

When we got to ITSS, the staff directed us to a desk and Amelia quickly booted her laptop and went straight to the issue… a D2L Email issue.  She had started a practice quiz and not finished it, locking out of her D2L Email.  Once we submitted the quiz, her D2L Email reappeared.  We then walked her through how to get her Student (Office 365) Email.  It was then that a light went off with Amelia.  She now understood there are two email systems; one it D2L and the Office 365 Email. As Amelia walked out of the ITSS doors, she had working email, knowledge of the places to go to get help and most of all, confidence to move forward.

Amelia, and students like her, are the reason I work at PPCC.  I love seeing students getting the support they need to pursue their educational goals, whatever they are.  So, as we move forward with Daylight, turning off the D2L Email, Office 365 and other projects, let’s please remember student experiences, like Amelia’s.  I’m confident if we do, we’ll end up in the right places.

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