Rampart Support in Library

I’ve been going to Rampart since I took the job as a Course Designer in 2009.  However, one thing we’ve never had is an official space.  Over the years, I’ve used my old faculty office, the leadership suite conference room and Debbie Willis’ office in student life.  After 4+ years in Debbie’s office, we are trying something new starting today – I’m going to be based in the library.

We are hoping this will help both students and instructors have an easier, quicker contact to get the D2L help they need.  (I just helped a student with a Pearson account issue while writing this post.) So, if you run into D2L issues, please come find me in the library on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  (I’m always on email at nate.wadman@ppcc.edu and my phone goes with me at 502.3281.)

A big thanks to the Kristina, Debbie, Dawn and the student staff in student life for letting me stay there all of these years.  And also a huge thanks to Patrice, Carole, Sara and the library staff for giving this experiment a shot.

Is this permanent?  Will you be expanding days/times at Rampart?  It’s too early to answer these questions, but I’m excited to try this new experiment to see if it helps our students succeed.


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