Course Design in a Rush


EP171 has a 90-day minimum model for designing new courses.  A Course Designer is assigned to work with a Subject Matter Expert (SME).  They spend the next several months working together to build a class from scratch that looks at every detail.  In the end, we end up with a fully realized, masterpiece of a course.  Think of it as a Monet painting ready to go into a gallery.

Branch of the Seine near Giverny by Claude Monet
By Claude Monet Public Domain,

However, we know that often we are given a course or new textbook at the last minute and there just isn’t time to create a masterpiece.  Also, to be fully honest, there aren’t enough Course Design resources available to create every new course in alignment with EP171.  So, then what?  This was a concern I saw growing during the SP17 semester. eLearning came up with an idea to help- instead of trying to create a masterpiece, we’ll take our limited resources, and create a Bob Ross painting instead.  If you are not familiar with Bob Ross, he had a PBS show for years where he would paint a picture in 30 minutes with a calming, mellow voice:

Ross’ paintings weren’t masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination, but they were serviceable and pretty to look at.  That’s what we have created with the Bob Ross course design template:

Sample area of Bob Ross template showing different learning activities

This template includes pre-built modules with examples of various types of activities in each one.  They even all meet PPCC Standards and accessibility requirements. You can then edit the template by putting in your course materials and adjusting it to fit the needs of your class.  eLearning can assist and review your work when you are done.

We don’t expect this to replace EP171 as that remains the best way to build the best courses.  However, when you have 10 colors and a time crunch, we hope this will help get something ready to help your students succeed.

Have more questions or want a deeper look?  Contact Us to arrange a time to look at the full template. To request a copy of the Bob Ross template go to the Master Semester form and request a new shell (we don’t want to copy this into an existing shell) and say you want a copy of Bob Ross.

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