Mixing Online and In-Person Classes

One thing I had to come to grips with a few years ago was my impression of online students was wrong.  I had in my mind the online student was one who was living a very busy life and was cramming in classes where they could.  They wouldn’t be coming to campus for things like Orientation, getting help at the Learning Commons or participating in Student Life.  Instead, they would need everything online.

I was wrong.

Over 90% of PPCC students that take online classes also take at least on in-person class.  This means if you ever want to see what an online student looks like, simply walk the halls of one of our campuses.  These folks walking around are our online students.

So, the next time you think an online student could use some help in the Learning Commons or there’s a great on-campus activity you’d like to tell your online students about… Do it!  While not all students will be able to come to campus .a great percentage of them are already coming to campus and may benefit from the in-person community of PPCC.


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