Outage: October 30, 2017 3pm-7:45pm

What happened?

If you were trying to access D2L late yesterday afternoon into the evening, you know we ran into an issue that made it unreachable.  We had an issue with the certificate that verifies the website you are going to is indeed D2L and we are indeed PPCC.  This is why if you went to online.ppcc.edu, you got a security warning.  Meanwhile, if you went to ppcc.desire2learn.com, you received an Internal Error message which was indirectly affected.

Who was affected?

Since only PPCC’s certificate was an issue, only PPCC’s instance of D2L could not be reached.  The other 12 colleges and CCCOnline instances of D2L remained available during this time.  However, this affected all students and instructors attempting to access D2L.

Any lasting effects?

No.  Once the certificate was fixed, access was restored.  At no point was any student or course data affected.

Now what?

Unfortunately, this mainly falls on the instructors and students affected.  This hit on a Sunday, so due dates may need to be altered and students may need to let their instructors they ran into issues.  If anyone wants to know when any system has issues at PPCC, they can go to the PPCC Outage Calendar.

As for the technical side, ITSS, eLearning, CCCS and D2L are all looking at ways to ensure the certificate issue doesn’t happen again.  We should have a plan in place in the coming days.


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