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As you may know, we are looking to remove D2L email starting with Daylight in May, 2018.  I’ve been around to many division meetings discussing the pros and cons.  One question that comes up at most meetings is if instructors and student can send emails using the Classlist and other tools within D2L.  The answer is yes, but it will work with and emails instead of the D2L ( email addresses.  Here’s a video that may help answer some of these questions:


One question came up in the ME Division meeting I wasn’t able to answer at the time.  The question was, “Is there a copy of the emails I send in D2L to refer back to later?”  The simple answer is YES!  Details are below:

4 thoughts on “Email in D2L with Daylight

  1. Hi Nate,
    If a student emails from D2L, she might expect the reply to go to her D2L email. Will a copy of the instructor reply go to D2L as well, or are you saying that students will no longer receive any kind of email inside the course shell?
    Also, I do like to check whether (and when) students have read the emails I send them. Will we still be able to do that?

    1. D2L Email would completely go away. The reply would go to their student email, which would be their only email. This is a primary reason for doing this- one place to check email. Read receipts would still work within Outlook the same way.

  2. YAY! I think this is a great change. We want to drive students to use their emails anyway, so I think this will help my students with that.

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