One Week In…

There are two common question themes I've been getting since Daylight went active; D2L Email changes and the new My Courses widget/Waffle. D2L email has been turned off and the links now point to and addresses.  So, be sure to check your Outlook/OWA account regularly as this is where all of your email … Continue reading One Week In…

Daylight is Here!

This morning, I flipped the switch and turned on the new Daylight look to D2L.  A couple of minutes later, I turned off D2L email.  So, the Daylight changes are now live. If you run into any issues, please contact eLearning or comment below.

SU18 Courses Loaded in D2L

The SU18 courses are ready with instructors and students enrolled.  Student access will begin on the official first date in Banner. (Daylight changes scheduled for May 15th will alter the look of all courses, including SU18, but will not affect materials loaded.)

eLCC – Day 2/3

Updating Courses When does the process of updating courses begin?  A perspective I hadn't considered is, it should begin with data collection during course delivery.  It makes sense, but it's sometimes hard.  As you are teaching, collect information about where the students are struggling, when they are bored and areas where you'd like to see … Continue reading eLCC – Day 2/3